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Ocean State inspiration!

June 5, 2008

I am back in Austin for a week where the temps are spiking at 100 degrees, reconfirming my understanding that if you want a seaside June groom, better to have the wedding in New England! And speaking of New England beachiness, Kathryn over at Snippet and Ink is doing a week of beach-inspired idea boards. They’re all fabulous, but the New England beach wedding one is just the scheme I’m going for: blues and hydrangeas and the natural hues of the sand, clam shells and driftwood.

Here’s a peak:


More Ocean State Inspiration

April 25, 2008

My grandmother’s dress was included in Kathryn at Snippet & Ink’s inspiration board today! I love the theme: garden charm. Originally, when A. and I were planning to marry at the farm, the theme was garden charm. But then I realized the complicated nature of having an outdoor, tented wedding in the middle of the quiet corner of Connecticut, and looked deep within myself and realized I’d rather have a blue ticking stripe themed beach party. And as much as I love apple green, I cannot have my “girls” wearing celadon column dresses. Love the photos below, though. And, like everyone else, I’m totally sold by the new tren of involving bicycles in the wedding! So photogenic, those things.

Something old, something navy

April 15, 2008

With flowers and colors it’s so hard for me to declare a favorite.  For a long time I favored yellow, and I remember once asking my grandmother (whose wedding dress I plan to wear for my nuptials) what her favorite color was.  She said she liked them all, and at the time I thought that this was because she was a watercolorist.  I still love yellow, but I also like a nice lake blue and a range of pinks and greens.  Do people have ‘rainbow’-themed weddings?  I’m not really sure.  I love the idea of having a handful of bridesmaids wearing different shocking colors, but I wonder if this uncommon because it looks more disjointed in photos?  On the other side of the spectrum (no pun intended man), as an amateur painter, I’ve come to appreciate a very restricted palette of cool colors or two complimentary colors and white and black.

Back to the subject of flowers.  Since we plan to marry in June, peonies might be the most appropriate since they bloom around here (I know because one time my mother plucked an errant peony that was growing under the fence into my yard in late May) in May/June.  Hydrangeas (a top pick since they are indigo blue) would probably be possible, but they are more of an August bloom in Rhode Island.  And then there are white daisies.  I have been thinking about a bouquet of white daisies since I watched You’ve Got Mail (don’t judge me!) the other day.  I love gerbera daisies as well, but I think they might be more comfortable at a dinner party.

(From Handmade wedding)

Wedding inspiration from the pages of Vogue Living

April 11, 2008

I think I subscribe to Vogue just so that I can received the quarterly Vogue Living which is awesome.  This spring’s issue is kind of about layering and shabby chic themes.  There is a great article on the decoupager John Derian who bought an old house in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and just kind of let it’s antiquity ooze.  I love his aesthetic, especially how he carries over his trademark decoupage eye into decor.  There was also a section of the magazine devoted to the look I’m interested in achieving at my wedding.  Here it is: a Victorian theme to go with my Victorian ring.

This picture also illustrates the color scheme I’ve been considering (light blue, coral and white) without evoking Howard Johnson’s.  As much as I love the parasol/umbrella presence, I’m not sure that I have the gall to carry a parasol, but there are huge umbrellas on the deck of the club where we are planning to have the reception.  And although my dress is definitely from the 40’s, I think the gold buttons and pintucked silk organza are very Belle Epoch.

Bees and WASPs

April 9, 2008

A friend of my who hails from the North Shore of Massachusetts and attended boarding school recently gave me an engagement present that chronicles WASP style:  the coffee table book A Privileged Life: Celebrating WASP style.  If you haven’t seen this book (it came out last year and received some PR probably because of the lush photos of CZ Guest, etc) it makes a good companion to the slightly dated The Official Preppy Handbook published by Lisa Birnbach in 1980.

While the latter is truly more of a handbook (complete with checklists), A Privileged Life has beautiful photos and is rife with design inspiration.  Think you can’t mix stripes with florals with toiles with leather?  Think again.  Looking through this book brought back some ideas I had about the wedding.  I love the our wedding’s location can really draw on some uber-preppy themes, like blue ticking stripe and blue awning stripe, Lily Pulitzer shift dresses and color palettes, seersucker, and, of course, embroidered critter motifs.  If we do any kind of motif it will probably be a clam shell or silhouette of Narragansett, but isn’t a whale or a peacock or a pineapple tempting?  Oh, or a bee motif?  Maybe later…

Lady fingers

April 7, 2008

Ah, the wedding hairstyle. To have hair professionally done (and risk an event similar to my 1999 prom fiasco where a french twist request took on a $30 haystack look) versus just having a family member do it (as my sister ending up doing in 1999). A friend of mine recently suggested that I have ‘finger waves’ put in, and I have to say that the look would go with the Katherine Hepburn vibe that my dress puts out.

(From–where else?–the Hairdresser’s Journal)

But I’m always a fan of the classique chignon…

Imaginary San Antonio wedding

April 2, 2008

Since I spent most of today in the airport, trying to divert my anxiety by thinking about wedding themes, I’d like to share what may have been the first time I thought about my own wedding, which was on a trip to the Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas. This museum is similar to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in the way that in its former life it was the private residence of a lady and art philanthropist. I believe the McNay is where I first read the famous Edward Hopper remark: “What I wanted to do was to paint sunlight on the side of a house.” So sometimes I imagine a Tex-Mex themed wedding at the McNay, complete with mariachis, pinatas, punchy colors and stark white cotton.



Photos of the McNay from the website.

Alamo charm from theknot real weddings.

Earrings from etsy.

And, of course, Mexican tissue paper flowers from loveboxes.

Greetings from Nashville!

March 31, 2008

I am in Music City USA today visiting my friend Sara who is at Vanderbilt for medical school.  I’ve been excited about visiting Nashville since I’ve been in the airport about a million times, waiting for a flight to Austin, and it’s always fun to watch the Vandy girl fashion shows (usually including cheerleaders from my own high school).  Nashville has not disappointed in terms of prep-meets-country style or local music offerings.  Last night we visited the Station Inn where every Sunday there is a bluegrass jam session.  It was great!  It reminded me that when Arthur and I had been toying with the idea of having the wedding in the Connecticut backwoods, we thought about getting a Connecticut-based bluegrass band for the reception.  Now that the wedding is going to be beach side we’re leaning more towards the piano and drums duo formerly seen at the Ivory Cat in Austin. 


“Offbeat” brides

March 27, 2008

I have found a new interesting wedding website called Offbeat Bride with photos of “real weddings” that are more in the do-it-yourself vein. I found the website after nascent photog Tali told my sister Maidzilla about how to make a DIY photobooth at a wedding. The Brooklyn Bride had also hit on this idea and had some great images from Lena Corwin. My favorite was this one:

Idea board for Narragansett wedding

March 24, 2008