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Look what we’ve got!

May 9, 2008

I woke up this morning still feeling irritated by a Seasonique commercial I saw last night. It starts off with two identical 20 something ladies, one says “Hey Logical!” and Logical says, “Hey Emotional!” and Emotional says “Look what we’ve got:” and Logical says, “It looks like birth control?” (I put the ? there because they are both doing the up-talk that the girls on the Hills have perfected). Emotional goes on to explain what Seasonique does, and then Logical says, “You know how I feel about ‘different.'” Then the obligatory doc in a white lab coat pops up and tries to assuage Logical’s concerns. The whole commercial is so condescending and it’s irritating because you don’t need to pay $25/month to skip the placebo week.

This brings me to the SNL ad Annuale. If you haven’t seen this clip yet, watch it now!

Now that my rant is completed, here are some beautiful peony bouquet and centerpiece ideas:

(photos and instructions from Bridgewater Gardens)

How To Make Wedding Bouquets Using Peonies

1) Cut the peony stems and any other flower you are using to about 10 inches.

2) Place a peony stem in one hand, add a stem of greens if desired, then add another peony and alternate between the two until the bouquet reaches the proper size.

3) Wrap the stems in decorative ribbon.

4) Store the peony bouquets with the stems in water until the time of the wedding. You may put them in water in a small vase and then refrigerate.

We recommend making all of the fresh wedding flower bouquets the day before the wedding and refrigerating them until the time of the wedding. Be sure to remove all fruits and vegetables from your frig as they give off a gas that damages the flowers. If it is not possible to refrigerate all of the floral arrangements then keep your house cool. If it is summer time turn up your air conditioning.


Peonies, daisies, hydrangeas, oh dear.

May 6, 2008

I’m beginning to think that I don’t want to have super slick floral arrangements, and instead just aim for simple bouquets tied with light blue grosgrain ribbon.  I like the idea of getting the flowers from one of a number of local farms in southern RI (many can be found here on Farm Fresh RI).  Yes, I know, how faux-ho, bobo, or yuppie (whatever is your preferred phrase for people who half buy in to the ‘green’ movement) of me, but after eight years of living in Rhode Island I know that lots of flowers grow here, especially between May and August.  Did I mention that the hot-pink dogwoods are blooming and that I have a bowl of lilacs sitting on my counter?  One thing, though, that I’m not totally clear on, is how people purchase wedding flowers wholesale, or whether I would need to do that, versus just pick up a bunch (or have the MOH pick some up) at the farmer’s market the day of the nuptials.  Plenty of time for research of this nature (no pun intended!), though.

Speaking of the MOH, a friend of hers sent me this link, which shows ladies in all of their bridesmaid dresses.  How appropriate now that 27 Dresses is now out on video, dvd and “Blue Ray” (whatever that is!)  If you did not fork over $9 to see this fine film in theatres, now is your chance!  It was filmed in jolly Providence (although the movie is set in NYC) and there are tons of great shots of the Ocean State!  And, btw, who doesn’t love James Marsden?  I loved him in the WB’s short-lived Jack and Jill and I love him now!

Salivating over paper

March 28, 2008

Kate Spade stationery

Couldn’t start this paper discussion without showing one of Kate Spade’s (for Crane) lovelies. This card is from the boxed-set collections.

Yesterday I went to look at wedding invitation ideas with my mother. She works in print design and I have inherited some of her paper fixations. We spent about an hour ogling the invites available at Paper Place in Austin. I plan to have my mom design our wedding invitations (despite my fiance’s mother’s insistence that the invitations be white with engraved script–“It’s got to be unreadable!” according to my fiance). So we looked at motif options (the small icon–a shell, an umbrella, etc) that can be embossed and we spent a long time contemplating whether my chosen colors (light blue and coral) were too garish and Howard Johnsons. My mom is an advocate of navy blue, white and coral in moderation. Here is a style we liked (sans the anchor):

Blue Moon

We both were trying to think of a way to tie in either ticking stripes or awning stripes and the shadow-striped paper seemed like a more subdued way to incorporate stripes.

Then, we stumbled across a letterpress company’s album. My mother loves letterpress, and I soon learned that I do too.  I later found this style online at the Carrot & Stick Press website:

Carrot & Stick Press

Do you think that the blue and cream above go with this color coral:


After paging through so many volumes of invitations, the afternoon devolved into my mother and I drawing pictures of lighthouses and shells and shorelines that we could print or emboss on invitations like the one with the anchor, in place of the anchor.  I told my mother that the Paper Place employees would probably say to each other, “I don’t know what they were doing, but those two ladies who were sitting in the back of the store at the custom invitation table were just drawing for the past 20 minutes!”

“Offbeat” brides

March 27, 2008

I have found a new interesting wedding website called Offbeat Bride with photos of “real weddings” that are more in the do-it-yourself vein. I found the website after nascent photog Tali told my sister Maidzilla about how to make a DIY photobooth at a wedding. The Brooklyn Bride had also hit on this idea and had some great images from Lena Corwin. My favorite was this one: