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“I let the wedding get bigger than Big”

June 4, 2008

Let that be a lesson to us all!

So, I’m dying to know: what did everybody think?  I’m really not sure what the critics are complaining about–the movie version of Sex and the City was like watching 5 episodes with higher production values and more loose ends being tied up by the end of the film.

Can anyone explain the black, red and blue bridesmaid dresses?  Patricia Field, please?

Oh, I love this–it really adds a new dimension to the peacock-themed wedding:

Loved the whole NY Public Library scene!  So Spanish and dramatic!  So Lorca!


Breakin’ dishes!

May 8, 2008

Spoke to the coordinator of the reception site yesterday and he made me feel much more comfortable about the wedding planning process, partly because he kept saying in various permutations “we want to help you have the day you’ve dreamed about…” Finding out that they will make the wedding cake there also helped to allay some anxieties, I think because the more ‘extras’ there are the more it seems like $2000 here, $2000 there. So we scheduled a tentative and ominous date in June (Friday the 13th) for me to go down to Narragansett to check out the scene and see some photos. An event will be going on that night so I will be able to see what things look like in the prep period.

(from Hull Grenier Studios)

Since I feel much calmer about the wedding planning, I thought that today I would muse on something more nesting-related: dishwashers. In June A. and I are moving to a gorgeous neighborhood of old, gingerbread-y houses near Jamaica Pond, and everything seems great except that there is no dishwasher. When we lived together before there wasn’t a dishwasher, and I would say that about once a week one of us would spend a half hour doing the week’s dishes. Maybe this sounds energy efficient, but this article on slate indicates that hand-washing dishes rarely is more water or energy efficient than using a dishwasher. Apparently, in a German study they found that the average handwasher uses “27.2 gallons of water, which requires 2.5 kWh of electricity to heat” while an efficient machine washer uses “3.96 and 5.81 gallons of water, and between 1 and 2 kWh of electricity.” Interestingly, in the study “the most careless hand-washers were Spanish and Portuguese, while the most economical were German.” Well, I am not German, and the washer with the most positive consumer reports on Amazon, the Edgestar model, uses a maximum of 3 gallons of water, according to the specs on It is a smaller dishwasher, and can only hold a 4-person ‘service,’ but sounds like a good idea to me! One common consumer issue is that the tube that connects the washer to the kitchen faucet sometimes falls apart after a few months, but Edgestar sends an extra for free (it has a year long parts warranty). Let’s take a look:

Anyone have any experience with this type of thing? Any words of wisdom?

Persnickety jewelry

April 6, 2008

I was reading Engagemental‘s interesting post “Crazy about Cameos” when I remembered an article I had seen in Martha Stewart Weddings about lockets as bridesmaid gifts, etc.  I have always been fascinated by lockets, and I love that they are popular and being sold in Urban Outfitters now.  Have they become passé yet?  I found some nice ones on etsy:

But if lockets and cameos are too persnickety for everyone to enjoy, there is always the option of wearing/presenting bridesmaids with the classic charm necklace.  I wear a silhouette of Texas around my neck most days (it’s a great conversation starter: “Is that the shape of Texas?! Are you from Texas?!”).  It is from James Avery:

I like to tell people “everybody likes a little Texas charm.”  I’ll have to figure out a way to incorporate my little Texas charm into my wedding regalia…

In Style Weddings

March 25, 2008

Today I should probably be studying for the test I take tomorrow, or doing the homework for my RISD painting and drawing classes (“Yes, I need to take two art classes to graduate from medical school, long story.” 19 year old in my painting class “Why? Because you didn’t take them before?”). Instead I am perseverating about $$, probably because I keep remembering the fact that I am paying $1000 plus $100 for a room at a Houston LaQuinta to take a test tomorrow that proves that I speak English. A swindle indeed! I was thinking about money when I remembered that in the current issue of InStyle Weddings they say that having a photo booth at your wedding has become commonplace. I had heard that these things are expensive, and unfortunately we don’t have one in the family collection (although I think there is still a machine in the garage that will read your palm), so I researched it. The quote I found on one website: $1400 for unlimited pics for four hours. Hey, I could take a medical licensing exam in Houston for that price!


And you will know her by the trail of Theyskens

February 26, 2008

So I started this blog because yesterday the March Vogue arrived with photos of a New York socialite’s wedding in Cartagena, Colombia. According to Vogue she had to can the plans to have a New York wedding and instead had the wedding of the year in a coastal area of Colombia where her husband is from. Now, can we talk about her dress:

Beautiful, but really? She’s not Queen Victoria. She’s an associate editor at Vogue. Anyway, the article describes the designer, Olivier Theyskens, as being present for much of the final fittings, and you have to wonder whether he’s underneath the gown, making the final adjustments!

I do like the coral/beachy themed bridesmaid dresses. Together they look like a sunset. Not my style though (see preppy wedding posts to come!)