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Cupcake mania

March 31, 2008

You can’t visit the south without having coconut cakes literally bang down your door.  Everywhere I have been so far in Nashville I have encountered generous slices of this fine southern food, which reminds me that, if I truly were a nascent Bridezilla (as my mother and sister allege), I would demand a coconut cake as a wedding cake, allergies and idiosyncratic taste preferences of guests be damned.  But because I realize that there are probably a ton of people who hate coconut, I will not subject my guests to this.  Instead, coconut cake will continue to play a leading role in my food fantasies. 

This discussion of cakes brings me to another topic:  the wedding cake versus wedding cup cake “cake” idea. I like the idea of having one large cake (although I’m not a big fan of the feeding each other cake tradition)…  Um, excuse me, I just have to note that when I meant to write “I like the idea of having one large cake” just now, I actually wrote “I like the idea of having one large cupcake.”  What a Freudian slip!  But speaking of cupcakes, what is going on?  In Austin there is now a place called “Hey, Cupcake!” that operates out of an Airstream trailer, and here in Nashville there is also a brand new cupcake store.  At a store here they also sell small plastic single cupcake holders!  For $3.50!  The other night I suggested to my sister that we try Hey, Cupcake! and she made me CALL THEM to confirm that they had not run out of cupcakes.  So I, a 25 year old woman, called a 30-ish guy who sells cupcakes out of a trailer, and asked “Do you have any cupcakes left?” and he pretty much laughed me off the phone, “Yeah, we got cupcakes.  Click.”  Thirty minutes late when we arrived at the cupcake joint, the only variety they had left was Red Velvet!  I felt as if I had entered some strange alternate universe where I was taking part in an American Monty Python sketch.  Hey, Cupcake, why didn’t you tell me you were out of vanilla?

Image from Lazy Life