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Par for the course:

May 7, 2008

Of course, before anything else is planned my sister-MOH has come up with a bachelorette party theme: bar golf or ‘pub golf.’ She recently received an invitation to beer golf, a similar complex drinking game, and then I posted about croquet, and we realized that it would be a great fusion of the heavy drinking involved in bachelorette parties and the fundamental element of my sartorial inclinations: argyle. Then, as it turns out, I discovered that Boston has a famous (infamous?) event called the Boston Bar Golf Invitational where people go from bar to bar in the Fanueil Hall area and keep scorecards on their T-shirts. I looked at a few websites, and there is a range of ‘rules’ for pub golf, but generally you consider the number of bars that you’re going to the ‘holes’ (so you could play a 9-hole game), and, like in golf, you choose your clubs, which are in this case beverages, and different bars are assigned different things for ‘par,’ so, for example, at The Hot Club (to use a RI example) the par would be two beers and a mixed drink, and you must finish them in the time allotted.

The best part? Proper golf attire is required!