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Notes on a solstice wedding…

June 20, 2008

Just kidding!!  Okay, I know that when I start talking about astrology and other New-Agey things people start getting a little weirded out, but a few weeks ago when I was home my mother and I had a tense misunderstanding that I think can be explained by this book:

Yes, Never Throw Rice at a Pisces definitely explained it all.  But let me backtrack for a minute to the beginning of the story.  The setting was Deep Eddy, a pool in Austin that has a chlorinated and a spring-fed section (kind of a non sequitur, but interesting none-the-less).  My mom and I were sitting on the edge of the pool and I tried to bring up some fun wedding topics (color schemes, signature cocktails) and my mom was (as usual) not interested and somewhat antagonistic, which threw me into a self-pitying state.  We hashed out the misunderstanding on the drive back home and the critical moment was the following exchange:

My mother:  What I really don’t understand is why you haven’t gotten a wedding planner yet.

Me:  You think I should spend thousands of dollars on a wedding planner??

My mother:  No, I mean a wedding planning binder/book.

Typical Virgo-Gemini throw down, according to Never Throw Rice, which I found the next day at Book People when I set out to look for a non-pastel wedding organizer.  This book immediately distilled some of the major issues that surround my own experience with wedding planning.  According to the author Gemini brides will enjoying researching wedding details (yes) but have difficulty committing/making decisions (yes) unlike our Virgo  counterparts who are extremely detail-oriented and perfectionistic, ie the ones who buy a wedding organizer before their engagement rings are even re-sized.

The outcome of this story?  I now have an electric pink binder/book complete with plastic envelopes for all of my wedding materials, business cards, color swatches.  And my mother and I have temporarily tabled the discussion of signature cocktails.


“I let the wedding get bigger than Big”

June 4, 2008

Let that be a lesson to us all!

So, I’m dying to know: what did everybody think?  I’m really not sure what the critics are complaining about–the movie version of Sex and the City was like watching 5 episodes with higher production values and more loose ends being tied up by the end of the film.

Can anyone explain the black, red and blue bridesmaid dresses?  Patricia Field, please?

Oh, I love this–it really adds a new dimension to the peacock-themed wedding:

Loved the whole NY Public Library scene!  So Spanish and dramatic!  So Lorca!

Bridal fashion show season!

April 16, 2008

This Oscar de la Renta gown is a little over the top (and a straw hat as well?), but it has a nice light blue sash/cummerbund.  My mom and I were thinking that my grandmother’s dress would look nice with a light blue sash or grosgrain ribbon.  It was worn originally with a peplum (kind of a mini apron that is extremely Katherine Hepburn), but I am not looking to add volume to my hips!  Example of a peplum:

Wedding inspiration from the pages of Vogue Living

April 11, 2008

I think I subscribe to Vogue just so that I can received the quarterly Vogue Living which is awesome.  This spring’s issue is kind of about layering and shabby chic themes.  There is a great article on the decoupager John Derian who bought an old house in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and just kind of let it’s antiquity ooze.  I love his aesthetic, especially how he carries over his trademark decoupage eye into decor.  There was also a section of the magazine devoted to the look I’m interested in achieving at my wedding.  Here it is: a Victorian theme to go with my Victorian ring.

This picture also illustrates the color scheme I’ve been considering (light blue, coral and white) without evoking Howard Johnson’s.  As much as I love the parasol/umbrella presence, I’m not sure that I have the gall to carry a parasol, but there are huge umbrellas on the deck of the club where we are planning to have the reception.  And although my dress is definitely from the 40’s, I think the gold buttons and pintucked silk organza are very Belle Epoch.

Persnickety jewelry

April 6, 2008

I was reading Engagemental‘s interesting post “Crazy about Cameos” when I remembered an article I had seen in Martha Stewart Weddings about lockets as bridesmaid gifts, etc.  I have always been fascinated by lockets, and I love that they are popular and being sold in Urban Outfitters now.  Have they become passé yet?  I found some nice ones on etsy:

But if lockets and cameos are too persnickety for everyone to enjoy, there is always the option of wearing/presenting bridesmaids with the classic charm necklace.  I wear a silhouette of Texas around my neck most days (it’s a great conversation starter: “Is that the shape of Texas?! Are you from Texas?!”).  It is from James Avery:

I like to tell people “everybody likes a little Texas charm.”  I’ll have to figure out a way to incorporate my little Texas charm into my wedding regalia…