Notes on a solstice wedding…

Just kidding!!  Okay, I know that when I start talking about astrology and other New-Agey things people start getting a little weirded out, but a few weeks ago when I was home my mother and I had a tense misunderstanding that I think can be explained by this book:

Yes, Never Throw Rice at a Pisces definitely explained it all.  But let me backtrack for a minute to the beginning of the story.  The setting was Deep Eddy, a pool in Austin that has a chlorinated and a spring-fed section (kind of a non sequitur, but interesting none-the-less).  My mom and I were sitting on the edge of the pool and I tried to bring up some fun wedding topics (color schemes, signature cocktails) and my mom was (as usual) not interested and somewhat antagonistic, which threw me into a self-pitying state.  We hashed out the misunderstanding on the drive back home and the critical moment was the following exchange:

My mother:  What I really don’t understand is why you haven’t gotten a wedding planner yet.

Me:  You think I should spend thousands of dollars on a wedding planner??

My mother:  No, I mean a wedding planning binder/book.

Typical Virgo-Gemini throw down, according to Never Throw Rice, which I found the next day at Book People when I set out to look for a non-pastel wedding organizer.  This book immediately distilled some of the major issues that surround my own experience with wedding planning.  According to the author Gemini brides will enjoying researching wedding details (yes) but have difficulty committing/making decisions (yes) unlike our Virgo  counterparts who are extremely detail-oriented and perfectionistic, ie the ones who buy a wedding organizer before their engagement rings are even re-sized.

The outcome of this story?  I now have an electric pink binder/book complete with plastic envelopes for all of my wedding materials, business cards, color swatches.  And my mother and I have temporarily tabled the discussion of signature cocktails.


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One Response to “Notes on a solstice wedding…”

  1. Miss Jenny Ann Says:

    Call me when your mom is in a funk about wedding planning. Us capricorns always love goals, planning and signature cocktails. Was at a Milwaukee wedding last week and they had the theme song of Laverne and Shirley at the wedding dance with the “honored” women doing the step! I personally think their should be a vodka mix drink, a whiskey mixed drink and maybe either gin or brandy. That way people can get straight drinks or ones with soda water. The Mr and the Mrs had a vodka gimlet, brandy old fashioned, and whiskey sours. Make it fun!

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