“I let the wedding get bigger than Big”

Let that be a lesson to us all!

So, I’m dying to know: what did everybody think?  I’m really not sure what the critics are complaining about–the movie version of Sex and the City was like watching 5 episodes with higher production values and more loose ends being tied up by the end of the film.

Can anyone explain the black, red and blue bridesmaid dresses?  Patricia Field, please?

Oh, I love this–it really adds a new dimension to the peacock-themed wedding:

Loved the whole NY Public Library scene!  So Spanish and dramatic!  So Lorca!


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3 Responses to ““I let the wedding get bigger than Big””

  1. maidzilla Says:

    clearly the blue, red and black dresses represented what each of the women represents in carrie’s life, particularly her romance with Big — the id, being samantha, red representing the passion and fire and sex; the ego, miranda, constantly reminding carrie of the what she already knows, critical, calm and placid blue; and the super-ego, charlotte, the opposite of the id, the morality, the black to the white, the yin to the yang.

    and yes, i just made that up.

  2. Molly Says:

    haha Maidzilla that was very insightful! I actually liked the drama of the dresses, although the colors were a bit odd. Overall, I loved it. I thought it was a great way to tie up the show.

  3. The Pissed Off Bride Says:

    I loved the movie! I hated that “thing” in her hair and the ugly brides maids dresses. Funny because all of it combined probably cost more that my wedding, plus some!

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