Swooning in little Rhody

The lilacs are finally out, the circus is in town and another Ocean State bride has emerged (thank God because I was beginning to think it was just the ladies on “Chatty Brides”)! Her website is here, and she has a fab Ocean State proposal story! I have a few guesses about the beach where the proposal took place, but since she says that it was near some rocks Elephant Rock in Little Compton is my top guess.

Engagemental brought the new Whim by Cynthia Rowley line at Target to my attention, and today I headed over to find some great kitchen/party items and picture frames. There are even yard games like bocce ball and badminton for sale, and, my favorite game of all: croquet. My sister still will never let me live down perhaps my dorkiest teenage moment, when, for my 16th birthday, I planned a ladies’ croquet party, complete with Hoagy Carmichael tunes and finger sandwiches. I still plan (fantasy) croquet parties, especially when I come across croquet sets like the one in the Whim collection (which was at the store but not online yet apparently). LL Bean also used to sell a croquet set, but it does not appear to be online today either!

Speaking of croquet, wouldn’t it make a photogenic addition to a Victoriana-themed wedding? If you have any doubts check out this Winslow Homer painting:

Below is a real wedding from Brides that took place in California at a place called Meadowood, where “traditional croquet attire” is required!

Another bridal croquet look from wedding photojournalist David Crane.

And below is a photo of the Dunes Club, in Narragansett, RI with some croquet hoops already set up!

(Photo from here.)

4 Responses to “Swooning in little Rhody”

  1. Molly Says:

    Haha nope, that’s not it. It was at Beavertail in Jamestown. 🙂

  2. mm Says:

    Elephant Rock is in Westport, Mass. right next to Litle Compton.

  3. jenn Says:

    I love croquet! That should be your bachelorette party!

  4. maidzilla Says:

    re: jenn

    we will NOT be having a repeat of Grace’s sweet 16th lame ass birthday party, with eight girls sitting around listening to Frank Sinatra and playing croquet, as Grace’s bachelorette party.

    There will be drinking, there will be debauchery, and by God there will be some sort of phallic object that Grace will have to carry around. Even if it is madras print.

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