Thank you Martha…

The new issue of Martha Stewart* Weddings is out, and there is a piece about wearing flowers in your hair.  Maybe this kind of thing is back in style because the Sex and the City movie is coming out (Hasel Bride has a great post about how SATC is inspiring aspects of her wedding style), but I love it!  I have loved hairstyles that incorporate real or fake flowers since I had a crown braid hairstyle done with mini fake rosettes at an Earth Day festival when I was 10.

This look is especially seaside-y (albeit somewhere far from the New England seaside):

(Martha Stewart Weddings)

I am concerned that putting little rosettes or daisies in a bun/chignon of some sort is a either too twee or too granola.  Any thoughts?  Also, I love this line from an older Martha Stewart article on flowers and your wedding hairstyle:

Some flowers shouldn’t be used near your skin, for safety reasons; your florist will be able to guide you to sensible choices.

Yes, it would be a shame indeed to wear a deadly nightshade blossom and have  anticholinergic poisoning as you begin the first dance.  Hot as a hare, dry as a bone, red as a beet, mad as a hatter…

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3 Responses to “Thank you Martha…”

  1. Mom Says:

    I picked up your dress and she did a good job; very neat work. The ODLR dress is very similar in terms of the shirtwaist style.

  2. phoebems Says:

    Tag! You’re it, Grace! Now you have to play the blog game and list 6 things about yourself on your blog.

    I’m loving the blog – your grandmother’s dress is amazing, btw.

  3. Allison aka HaselBride Says:

    Thanks for mentioning my little ol’ blog. I have enjoyed reading through your archives; your wedding dress is fabulous. I cannot wait to see more!

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