Something old, something navy

With flowers and colors it’s so hard for me to declare a favorite.  For a long time I favored yellow, and I remember once asking my grandmother (whose wedding dress I plan to wear for my nuptials) what her favorite color was.  She said she liked them all, and at the time I thought that this was because she was a watercolorist.  I still love yellow, but I also like a nice lake blue and a range of pinks and greens.  Do people have ‘rainbow’-themed weddings?  I’m not really sure.  I love the idea of having a handful of bridesmaids wearing different shocking colors, but I wonder if this uncommon because it looks more disjointed in photos?  On the other side of the spectrum (no pun intended man), as an amateur painter, I’ve come to appreciate a very restricted palette of cool colors or two complimentary colors and white and black.

Back to the subject of flowers.  Since we plan to marry in June, peonies might be the most appropriate since they bloom around here (I know because one time my mother plucked an errant peony that was growing under the fence into my yard in late May) in May/June.  Hydrangeas (a top pick since they are indigo blue) would probably be possible, but they are more of an August bloom in Rhode Island.  And then there are white daisies.  I have been thinking about a bouquet of white daisies since I watched You’ve Got Mail (don’t judge me!) the other day.  I love gerbera daisies as well, but I think they might be more comfortable at a dinner party.

(From Handmade wedding)

4 Responses to “Something old, something navy”

  1. goffcouture Says:

    On colors, I went to a wedding once where each bridesmaid had a slightly different shade to her dress so, looking from one end of the row to the other, it faded from a pale blue through lavender to almost magenta. It was very colorful, but coordinated nicely as well.

  2. Mom Says:

    Why are you changing your blog name/site?

  3. Goldie Says:

    Thought the new name would help to create a more consistent theme/voice. Plus, I couldn’t create a very pleasing title image for the other site, but with this one I just slapped up one of my paintings of Narragansett Bay and, baddabing, an image was created.

  4. jnicholea Says:

    I’m sure you have seen the bridesmaid dresses of Jenna Bush by now? A multitude of colors. Hurry and get those rainbow colored dresses now before it becomes all the rage.

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