In Style Weddings

Today I should probably be studying for the test I take tomorrow, or doing the homework for my RISD painting and drawing classes (“Yes, I need to take two art classes to graduate from medical school, long story.” 19 year old in my painting class “Why? Because you didn’t take them before?”). Instead I am perseverating about $$, probably because I keep remembering the fact that I am paying $1000 plus $100 for a room at a Houston LaQuinta to take a test tomorrow that proves that I speak English. A swindle indeed! I was thinking about money when I remembered that in the current issue of InStyle Weddings they say that having a photo booth at your wedding has become commonplace. I had heard that these things are expensive, and unfortunately we don’t have one in the family collection (although I think there is still a machine in the garage that will read your palm), so I researched it. The quote I found on one website: $1400 for unlimited pics for four hours. Hey, I could take a medical licensing exam in Houston for that price!


2 Responses to “In Style Weddings”

  1. jenn Says:

    I think you should a Greek pantheon wedding…

  2. I do not subscribe to “InStyle.” Could you tell? « the knot interested Says:

    […] my sister, heretofore referred to as Bridezilla (I’m sorry, but you’ve earned it), posted an entry about an idea she saw mentioned in some sort of literary magazine known as “InStyle […]

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