Wedding gowns…

Today or tomorrow my mother and I are planning to take my grandmother’s wedding dress to a tailor to determine whether the dress might be able to be altered to accommodate my broad milkmaid’s shoulders. The dress has a beautiful transparent silk organza layer with pintucks that we are worried my be too delicate to alter.

In the case that the dress is un-alterable, I will have to look into alternatives. I would most like a boatneck style sleeveless dress, or the boatneck short-sleeved style that Meg Ryan tried on (and causes to tear) in Sleepless in Seattle. Or maybe I’m just thinking about that scene since, although I didn’t try the dress on, if I had tried it on we definitely could have run the lines from the rest of the scene.

Some looks that I do like:Tadashi dress from Nordstrom

Tadashi from Nordstrom


“Charlie” by Augusta Jones, available at Unbridaled


“Ava Gardner” by Siri

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