Another wedding theme

I was at Nick’s on Broadway today when I started thinking about olives.  Once I heard someone say that in every couple there should be one person who will eat the olives (implying that one out of every two people probably doesn’t care for olives).  I used to hate olives–I still am not wild about black olives–but I’ve developed an appreciation for green olives over the past few years.  So today I was thinking about that when I came up with another cutesy wedding theme:  olive you.  olive you a lot.  I think this would be cool for a wedding where the bridesmaids wore black dresses and carried orangey-red flowers (peonies perhaps, since they are so rounded?).  In bridal mags they write about how you can have “signature cocktails” or “couple’s signature drinks” to avoid the cost of having an open bar.  In my “olive you a lot” reverie the signature drink could be a martini and the favors could involve stirring rods.  My one concern (besides the obvious gimmicky nature of themes) is having to involve olive green in any form in a wedding.  I love all shades of green but I think avacado/olive green belongs back in the 1960’s.


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