First post: Wedding Themes

So I’m not really newly engaged anymore (we got engaged on Jan. 6) but I’ve had a lot of professional stuff going on, so I was putting off planning a wedding until after this Thursday which is when I find out where I will be working in July! But while I’m waiting to really focus on choosing a locale, I thought I’d share my musings on wedding themes. I really wasn’t aware of wedding themes until I bought my first bridal mag in January. I’ve come to realize, though, that wedding themes are the perfect things to daydream about when you are getting an oil change, or doing anything else that is solitary and boring. Here are my favorites so far:

“A Perfect Pair”

How cute are these place holders? And I like the theme dictating the color scheme. I’m thinking celadon and silver, green and yellow or even the preppy pink with a more muted green.

These dresses are both from J. Crew. Another thing I like about the pair/pear theme is that there’s a Texas tie-in: the prickly-pear. If only I could figure out a way to incorporate this…

A friend of mine recently sent me the link to her cousin’s peacock-themed wedding. On the invites and menus they had the most delicate pen-and-ink drawing of a peacock, and the bride wove some gorgeous peacock turquoise fabric into the bustle of her gown. The guests were asked to wear white or black, so the little touches of peacock teal were lovely.

And, then, perhaps, there is my favorite wedding theme. I will probably adopt some aspect of this for my own wedding: seashore themed stuff. I love drawings of shells and pale blues and oranges and yellows of the ocean. If I do end up having a beach-oriented wedding, conch and clam shells and raw bar it is. And then, one step up from the shell-themed wedding are the total New England/Maine themes: lobster, seersucker, Nantucket reds, etc.

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One Response to “First post: Wedding Themes”

  1. jenn Says:

    Have a Texas ex-pat theme. I like the cacti and you could get mini-succulents as center pieces for the tables or yellow roses!

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