Some flower inspiration

December 7, 2008

Peonies and Polaroid‘s post on arranging her own flowers has me inspired!


Pageboy bride

November 21, 2008

I’m in love with the North Carolina wedding of the author of Darling Dexter–love the blue, orange and white and white on white themes, love the groom serenading the bride, and most of all I am ready to reproduce the bride’s hairstyle as my own nuptial do.  The only problem is that I’m currently sporting a shorter page boy style, so I’d really have to dig my heels in a grow my tangly blonde mane out… Is it worth it?  I think so, look how she’s wearing a headband that looks like ribbons tied in a very Shakespearean manner!

Pic from Martha Manning

I think I’m responding to this hairstyle because it’s paired with the dress that the. bride’s. mother. made. And the dress is in the same style family as my grandmother’s wedding dress that I will be wearing.

And while I’m on the subject of cribbing styles from other bride blogs, you should really get yourself over to Molly’s blog These Little Moments. She has some great Ocean State pics of her wedding and her make-up schema is amazing.  Molly, what blush/mascara/eye liner are you using?  I’m thinking I’m going to have to leave behind my Benefit Dandelion, no mascara routine for the wedding.

More wedding inspiration!

November 9, 2008

Found these wedding pics on a great photographer’s blog (Stacey Doyle who is unfortunately not available on June 20).

Here is the kind of blue sash I’ve been picturing (the dress is lovely too!):

Love the blue and white hydrangea theme too…

An awesome RW&B wedding

September 21, 2008

Love the Americana vibe of this wedding from Once Wed:

Whata lotta seersucka!

There are SO MANY bicycles-built-for-two roaming my neighborhood these days: father-sons, girlfriend-boyfriends, but newlyweds are really the only people licensed to use bicycles-built-for-two (at least in my book).

I love shots taken at this time of the evening. Love that sky blue.

Gurgling Cod

August 26, 2008

I apologize for my lengthly break from posting but I’m back now, and in honor of the last burst of wedding season nuptials I have a few style thoughts I wanted to mention.

As a New England transplant I think I’m acutely aware of ultra-New England customs and objets, and one of my favorite things from the latter category are the mesmerizing “Gurgling Cod” pitchers that a few places sell.  If you’ve never seen one of these things in action you may be a bit nonplused.  These pitchers are pretty, but the fabulous thing about them is that they make the most lovely sound (a gurgle) when you pour liquids from them.  They are great for summery entertaining, whether you are serving ice water or Pims & lemonade.


They come in all colors and sizes, and I think they would be great New England bridal shower gifts.  Or, as I age and become more eccentric, I may end up doling them out as wedding gifts and *gasp* ignoring people’s registry!

New job, new project

June 28, 2008

My new therapy:

Intern in the Hub

In the meantime, how awesome is this photo?

David Beckham with sons Romeo and Cruz

Notes on a solstice wedding…

June 20, 2008

Just kidding!!  Okay, I know that when I start talking about astrology and other New-Agey things people start getting a little weirded out, but a few weeks ago when I was home my mother and I had a tense misunderstanding that I think can be explained by this book:

Yes, Never Throw Rice at a Pisces definitely explained it all.  But let me backtrack for a minute to the beginning of the story.  The setting was Deep Eddy, a pool in Austin that has a chlorinated and a spring-fed section (kind of a non sequitur, but interesting none-the-less).  My mom and I were sitting on the edge of the pool and I tried to bring up some fun wedding topics (color schemes, signature cocktails) and my mom was (as usual) not interested and somewhat antagonistic, which threw me into a self-pitying state.  We hashed out the misunderstanding on the drive back home and the critical moment was the following exchange:

My mother:  What I really don’t understand is why you haven’t gotten a wedding planner yet.

Me:  You think I should spend thousands of dollars on a wedding planner??

My mother:  No, I mean a wedding planning binder/book.

Typical Virgo-Gemini throw down, according to Never Throw Rice, which I found the next day at Book People when I set out to look for a non-pastel wedding organizer.  This book immediately distilled some of the major issues that surround my own experience with wedding planning.  According to the author Gemini brides will enjoying researching wedding details (yes) but have difficulty committing/making decisions (yes) unlike our Virgo  counterparts who are extremely detail-oriented and perfectionistic, ie the ones who buy a wedding organizer before their engagement rings are even re-sized.

The outcome of this story?  I now have an electric pink binder/book complete with plastic envelopes for all of my wedding materials, business cards, color swatches.  And my mother and I have temporarily tabled the discussion of signature cocktails.

Ocean State inspiration!

June 5, 2008

I am back in Austin for a week where the temps are spiking at 100 degrees, reconfirming my understanding that if you want a seaside June groom, better to have the wedding in New England! And speaking of New England beachiness, Kathryn over at Snippet and Ink is doing a week of beach-inspired idea boards. They’re all fabulous, but the New England beach wedding one is just the scheme I’m going for: blues and hydrangeas and the natural hues of the sand, clam shells and driftwood.

Here’s a peak:

“I let the wedding get bigger than Big”

June 4, 2008

Let that be a lesson to us all!

So, I’m dying to know: what did everybody think?  I’m really not sure what the critics are complaining about–the movie version of Sex and the City was like watching 5 episodes with higher production values and more loose ends being tied up by the end of the film.

Can anyone explain the black, red and blue bridesmaid dresses?  Patricia Field, please?

Oh, I love this–it really adds a new dimension to the peacock-themed wedding:

Loved the whole NY Public Library scene!  So Spanish and dramatic!  So Lorca!

Narragansett photos

May 29, 2008

On Memorial Day I dragged my dad and grandmother (the other Grace!) out to Narragansett to see the South Ferry Church (since I had only seen it in photos).  It was beautiful, if somewhat off the beaten path (which in Narragansett is Boston Neck Rd/ Scenic 1A).  My dad was concerned that parking would be scarce for the 150 person capacity the church reportedly has.  How very Texan to be concerned about parking!  I told him about the wedding photos I love where everyone in on bicycle.

And here is the Narragansett town beach: